The pleasures of having a multicat home

Vicky Halls is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and has worked closely with cats since 1988. In 1995 Vicky became a full time associate in a specialist animal behaviour clinic and is a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. Vicky is a regular speaker at many official animal charities and she tutors distance learning courses on Intermediate and Advanced Feline Psychology.

Vicky is the author of the bestselling "Cat Confidential" and "Cat Detective" and the recently published "Cat Counsellor". For more information go to: vickyhalls.net.

We have so much love to give that owning one cat just isn't enough sometimes. There is nothing better than watching cats play or curl up together and keeping two cats when you are out at work ensures they have company, especially if they are kept exclusively indoors. It is often tempting to keep adding cats to your group but there is always a 'one cat too many' threshold; going beyond this number could upset the natural balance. The number of cats in the neighbourhood, the size of your home and the personality of your cats will all influence the size of the group that works best for you. Most cats are very adaptable to living in a multi-cat environment but there are a few measures you can take to ensure harmony for both you and your cats.

Feeding in the multicat home

One of the biggest challenges in multi cat homes is feeding time. Each cat inevitably has his or her own preferences: some eat slowly, others quickly and there is always one with a fussy appetite. You may have a cat that seems to eat continuously and monitoring the intake of such individuals to avoid dramatic weight gain can be a nightmare. Cats within a social group often vary in age and finding a diet that suits them all can be a problem. Many owners therefore end up providing a variety of food at different times and the whole process becomes a chore rather than a pleasure.

Iams has now launched Iams Multi-Cat which will be the answer to many owners' prayers, as it has been developed specifically around all the requirements of the multi cat home, and it's available now in supermarkets, vet clinics and pet shops. It allows owners to feed one food, safe in the knowledge that they are providing a diet that fulfils the needs of all their cats.

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Benefits of Iams multicat

Iams Multi-Cat is designed to be suitable for all adult cats in your household.
The benefits and features of Iams Multi-Cat are:

Table of benefits